Local Attractions-Milan

Milano is an Italian city located in the region of Lombardy in the northern part of the country with a population of 3,149,223. The regional capital’s centre has a population of 1,371,498 and an area of 181.76 square metres. The entire metro area has a population of about 10,000,000, which also includes over 200,000 migrants from other countries. As a global city, Milano has become the dominant power in the world of education, fashion, production, tourism and art.

  Milan Cathedral (Duomo)

In Piazza del Duomo you will find the famous Milan Cathedral. The construction of this church started in the fourteenth century and lasted until the twentieth century. The architecture of the Duomo, the baroque facade, the mosaic and the paintings will enchant you. Visit the Cathedral Museum to learn more about its history and details, and go to the rooftop to enjoy beautiful views of the Italian city and get a closer look at the pinnacles. More info 'Milan Duomo'.
  The Last Supper by Da Vinci

In the monastery of Santa Maria delle Grazie you can see the mural 'The Last Supper'. This famous mural measuring 5 by 9 meters depicts the moment when Jesus informs his apostles about the traitor in their midst.
  Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II

This Galleria is the oldest shopping center in all of Italy and the covered shopping arcade is best known for its special glass roof. This shopping center is perfect for purchasing items from well-known brands or souvenirs. You can buy clothes, accessories, books and art. You can also enjoy a luxurious overnight stay in the Galleria Vik Milano hotel or meet there for lunch or dinner. From the top floor you also have a special view over Milan and the highlights. More info 'Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II'.
  Landmarks: Castello Sforzesco

You will visit this castle in Milan Italy to learn a little more about the history of the city. You will learn about the influence of wars, famous Italian families and the construction and restorations that have taken place. Not only does the castle itself attract attention in terms of architecture, you will also appreciate the decorative elements inside. Several museums are housed in this castle, such as the Pinacoteca, the Egyptian Museum and the Archaeological Museum. You buy a combination ticket that gives you access to all these small museums. More info 'Sforzesco Castle'.
  Parco Sempione & Arco della Pace

The Arco della Pace (the great gateway to the city) with its horses on top, borders the Parco Sempione. This place not only attracts visitors because of the historical significance of the gateway (built for Napoleon), but you can also relax in this stylish park and escape the bustle of the city or walk on to Castello Sforzesco. More info 'Parco Sempione'.
  I Navigli District

What to do in the I Navigli district? Navigli is known for its canals with cozy restaurants and bars. It actually seems as if you are sitting on an authentic canal. In this district you will find many small, artisan shops and designers and artists who sell their own work through their studio. For vintage items, the last Sunday of the month, head to the Mercatino dell'Usato di Porta Genova, an antiques and flea market. And at the Vicolo dei Lavandai alley, you will learn about the history of the neighborhood. More info 'I Navigli'.
  La Scala Theater

In this neoclassical theater you can book a guided tour or book a show for the evening, such as opera, ballet or an orchestra. You will not get bored of the velvet red chairs, the golden decorations and the chandelier that hangs in the middle. Would you like a guided tour? This also includes a visit to the museum that is located next to Teatro la Scala. Highlights are theater costumes from the past and beautiful old sets, as well as paintings and instruments. More info for visiting 'La Scala theater'.


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